Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I mean it, man: my Best Of The Year 2010

Hey, hey, hey: it's my Best Of The Year in comics, movies, TV and books, over at the always-recommended FPI blog.

I wrote the bit about what I'm looking forward most to in 2011 bit before Kenny published his publishing schedule for next year, or I would have mentioned the English translation of HECTOR UMBRA, too.  I realised recently that my first post to mention Uli Oestrle was also my first post to mention Warwick Johnson Cadwell, back in the good old days of 2006.  What an auspicious entry that has turned out to be.  Maybe Joe had a point when he called me "guru".


WJC said...

Oh how I remember finding THAT particular post. Thanks as always! (has that parcel arrived?)

Mark Kardwell said...

Oh, must check at "my other address".