Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Brendan McCarthy's DOCTOR WHAT?

Found this in my inbox earlier: "Veteran 2000AD artist BRENDAN McCARTHY has plotted and illustrated a new JUDGE DREDD two-parter, with comics writer AL EWING scripting.

In a new story called Dr. WHAT? Judge Dredd tracks down a time-travelling Doctor who rides a Mega-City Portaloo along the timewaves, altering history and changing the future in a potentially catastrophic way.

The two-issue story appears in 2000AD Prog 1712, which will be on sale in the UK on November 24th, next week.

Splundig er, Drokkit!"
Looks like a classic Dredd-world satire, while simultaneously the nearest thing we'll probably ever get to Brendan doing Doctor Who.


Brigonos said...

Looks like Ill need to get some drugs in to read that one - I cant wait to smell those lovely colours in four dimensions.