Monday, October 18, 2010

Withnail And I-ron Man.

I'm terribly fond of Laughing Indio's blog. His work has a great sense of transgression and absurdity that would make him a great fit at 2000AD, if only The Current Tharg had any discernible sense of his comic's heritage of publishing the work of bold stylists. Whoops, sorry, don't get me started, etc.

Just as the Comics Code Authority once banned Kev O'Neill purely for his mind-melting style rather than any actual breaking of their guidelines, Indio seems to have similarly offended the delicate souls at Blogger, who've hid his blog behind a content warning page. Good man, that.


cerebus660 said...

"Jarvis, you terrible c**t!"

Brigonos said...

Some cool imagery on Indios site, and I have to agree with you that his would be just the kind of fruitcake style that would benefit 2000ads need to be seen as a risk-taking enterprise rather than the mostly-reliable milkman of comics delivery its become since stabilizing in the late 90s.

But I will take issue with 2000ads supposed ignorance of bold stylists of late, as its given us Simon Frasier, DIsraeli, Frazier Irvine, Frank Quitely - though admittedly slowly over time so you might not notice, but even in its heyday it still gave us the greats like McMahon, Gibson, and ONeill either at a slow pace over decades or by inheriting them from the extant UK and European comics industry.

Mark Kardwell said...

Maybe some bad examples, as McMahon, Gibson and ONeill all had work published either from the get-go or within weeks of 2000AD starting (Kev, as art editor, drew the Tharg image on the cover of #1, Mick drew the first published Dredd in #2, Gibson drew his first Dredd in #15).

I tend to think of DIsraeli as a Deadline artist who does great work at 2000AD these days, and Quitely as an Electric Soup artist who did some sterling work at the Megazine as he passed through on his way to greatness elsewhere. Probably just showing my age, or maybe because I gave up reading 2000AD in the early 90s and didnt start looking at it again until around 2001. Though Id love for Vince to do more work (other than the very occasional cover) for the 2000AD family sometime.

David Wynne said...

Mr Librarian sir, you clearly need to start your own comic.

Mark Kardwell said...

Unfortunately, I continue to be broke. But if anyone wants to offer me a job as a commissioning editor, Im their man.