Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Klams moiderize STAR SIGN.

Fond of the Teenage Fanclub? Then I feel sorry for you, son. 

Dedicated to Little Jimmy Corcoran, who requested it a while back.


james corcoran said...

Fucking Awesome!

David Wynne said...

Never thought Id enjoy seeing you playing with your big pink instrument.

Loved it, though. Really enjoyed your Search And Destroy as well, and that Ramblin Rose number is bloomin lovely.

Mark Kardwell said...

Must confess that Ive been thinking about asking the chaps to do Search & Destroy for a while now, without bothering to actually learn it. So when Glenn starts chopping out the riff, Im completely lost and just start mucking about. Listen to the original, and the bass is practically illegible due to Bowies infamously mental mixdown anyway. So Ive free rein to interpret, there.

Id recommend you seek out the videos of the MC5 playing Rambling Rose on YouTube, Dave. And then decide. Whether were part of the problem or part of the solution. Brothers & Sisters! Etc.