Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Been caught soliciting: Marvel, December 2010.

Must be THOR month at Marvel. Good. Corporate synergy is go!

Since getting that first DRINK & DRAW SOCIAL CLUB book, I've really dug the work of Dan "Urban Barbarian" Panosian. So, him doing Kirby characters = right up my alley.

Another Tommy Lee Edwards Thor cover. Sort-of a Frazetta tribute. Funny lookin' face on 'im, though.

I'll be buying this: the instant classic Langridge/Samnee THOR: THE MIGHTY AVENGER gets its first collection.

I keep saying it. Even if Kyle Baker was producing the best work of his lifetime, even if this comic was full of SS she-wolves getting up to all sorts of high-larious sexy shenanigans, I'll still never buy another fucking Deadpool comic.  Unless it had a back-up by Brendan McCarthy.

She's got a CBR on me.


joe bloke said...

Id rather have what few teeth Ive got left pulled than spend even one more second of my life wasted on Deadpool. total arse.

the Langridge/Samnee Thor thing, though? thats in the basket. or under me jacket.

Mark Kardwell said...

Five finger discount? I wont judge yer, its hard times indeed for us bloggers.