Thursday, August 12, 2010

Exclusive: Brendan McCarthy pages from Marvel's AGE OF HEROES #4.

I hadn't even realised that Brendan had work in this comic until he sent along these pages from it: a short about the Inuits who found the block of ice with Captain America in it. That'll be a quick email to Biff in the morning, then.

*BONUS UPDATE* Three more lettered pages over at CBR.


colsmi said...

Hello Mark - thanks for putting these pages up. What I love about them is their directness. Mr McCarthys work here has all the concision & precision of a top storyboard, but theres also the kind of energy that you can find in the work of, for example, many of the Futurequake artists. Its a quality that can often get lost with the polish of accumulated craft, but Mr McCarthys work has always retained it.

Mark Kardwell said...

I agree wholeheartedly. Brendans work is renowned for the psychedelia and the pauses for Artoon-style freakouts, but the rest of the time, he gets on with the business of good clear storytelling.