Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Been caught soliciting: Image, November 2010.

Loving this. It's Dennis Potter-ness was quite a surprise, and the solicitation text for the last issue shows no let-up in the fourth wall demolition ("Steve Noman finally tracks down Hine and Kane in this breathtaking climax to our epic tale of love, loss and laxatives. Just who the heck are The Shadow Men anyway? Will The Creators pull this off or will they disappear up their own flabby wrinkled backsides?").  I was happy enough having Shaky back drawing comics, let alone one that turned out to be my favourite of the year so far.



Leif said...

God damn that comic is brilliant. Just finished issue 3 with the Hateful Dead. What else do you recommend by Shaky Kane?

Mark Kardwell said...

The problem is, everything the guys ever done is out of print, so all I can do is tell you to start scouring Ebay for issues of the old UK anthology DEADLINE; the stuff he did at 2000AD and its related comics are listed at B.A.R.N.E.Y (http://www.2000ad.org/?zone=droid&page=profiles&choice=SHAKY); I loved his art (but the writing left me cold) on BLACK STAR FICTION LIBRARY, it was sorta his take on The Crow, and shares a certain malicious glee with THE BULLETPROOF COFFIN. I gave my copies of that away a few years ago as a gift to a fellow Shaky fan.

Mark Kardwell said...

Just noticed theres a pretty good list of his work over at his Wikipedia page (here).