Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Been caught soliciting: Dark Horse, November 2010.

Ah, doesn't matter how many of these comics I'm likely to buy, I was only ever going to run the Mignola covers anyway.

Images via the good burghers of CBR.


PJ Holden said...

That second cover is lovely, and a really stands out against Mignolas normal use of black.


(Ordered the Duncan Fegrado Hellboy trade on amazon, saw a preview of the sketchbook bit and theres a bit where Duncan asks Mignola what to do with Hellboys tail while hes sitting on a horse "Lose it in shadow" was the reasoned response :)

Mark Kardwell said...

Standing by my theory that Mike hired Duncan to figure that sort of thing out for him!

Mark Kardwell said...

And Dave Stewart is a frigging genius. Much imitated, never bettered.