Thursday, July 29, 2010

The SDCC trailer for THOR

(via io9)

I've been thinking recently about my irrational attachment to Marvel's Thor. As a young 'un, my first exposure to the superhero milieu was Marvel UK's SPIDER-MAN WEEKLY, where the Stan Lee/John Romita lead was backed up with reprints of the Lee/Jack Kirby run on the series, so there's a childhood indoctrination response going on. My earliest memory of Thor is of the issue where the Destroyer thoroughly kicks his arse, so yeah, the movie trailer tickles the tummy of my inner toddler.

The original Lee/Kirby issues of THE MIGHTY THOR is the Robert Johnson of Fight Comics. It's Kirby writing the rules of one of the four main strands of the modern superhero playbook (the other three being that team's simultaneous work on FANTASTIC FOUR, and Lee/Steve Ditko's SPIDER-MAN and DOCTOR STRANGE runs). It's the same strand that Kirby perfected at DC with his Fourth World titles: social and political issues explored in metaphor by smashing gaudily-coloured cyphers into each other and seeing where the pieces fall, and all the while drawing them beautifully.

So yeah, I'm a Pavlov's Dog who'll buy any well-drawn Thor comic.  Sometimes, I can even defend those purchases - Walter Simonson's run on the series was legitimately great (when it wasn't being hijacked by editorial mandate to tie-in to dodgy crap like SECRET WARS 2).  John Romita Jr's looked great, as did Olivier Coipel's, even if I was never entirely convinced by their writing partners during those periods of the comic.  This trailer seems to fit Kirby's Thor into the movie Marvel universe rather well: like Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man, a synthesis of the traditional Marvel and Ultimate Marvel iterations of the character, designed to appeal to the blockbuster-attending masses rather than just nostalgic old gits. And I may be a nostalgic old git, but the non-lizard parts of my brain rather agree with this guy instead.


cerebus660 said...

Wow! All my inner ten-year old can say is Wow!

By the way, Mark, this is about the only place left on tinternet where Marvels thought police havent struck and removed the video. I hope you dont mind, but Ive posted a link to this page on the SFX website, so other Friends Of Asgard can watch it while its still available.

Mark Kardwell said...

Glad my flying under the radar was of use to you!