Monday, June 07, 2010

Tim Bradstreet draws Dredd

This image is interesting for a number of reasons - it's really good to see Rebellion commissioning someone simpatico from outside their comfort zone to produce new work for their collections, rather than just recycle existing imagery (I remember the thrill I got as a lad when Titan hired Bill Sienkiewicz to do covers for their Dredd series), here's hoping they keep this up; it's also good to see Bradstreet produce something so different to his usual heavily referenced realism; it's good to see him visually alluding so clearly to Bolland; and it's good to see Dredd drawn with a big fuck-off assault rifle,though I personally would have given him the proper hard bastard's gun of choice, the Franchi Spas-12. 


joe bloke said...

kick ass. I love that.

Dan McDaid said...