Wednesday, May 05, 2010

A little bit of various in the morning.

Dan McDaid is available for commissions at the moment, and he's just posted this one at his blog.  I've been going back over my back pages of late, tagging them, as my librarian's mind focuses on an idea about metadata for work. And y'know what? I'm labelling a lot of posts from 2008 with "Dan McDaid", "Jack Kirby", and "Doctor Who". Here's all three together, in excelsis.

Eric Canete puts as much work into a headshot sketched at a convention as some people do in a lifetime. To prove a point, here's Hellboy and Ladytron.

Just came across this from this guy's Flickr photostream. Crackin' stuff.

Saw this at Jason Garrattley's Ancient and Forever Tumblr site. Hey, Jason: I reckon you could do with posting that Dan McDaid image there, too.


Jason Garrattley said...

Oh yeah, I clocked Dans fabulous Dalek piece earlier. Situation rectified. That flickr page belongs to Robb Waters who is a great artist and has featured at Kirby-Vision a number of times. Pleased to see that Im now a label here. Glad you like the sites and thanks for the links.

Mark said...

Everybody ends up a tag here. Im converting your entire planet to metadata! Mwahahahahahaha!