Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thor! Huh! What is it good for?

I love all those TWART guys, but Chris Samnee was new to me and has proven something of a revelation with his classic stylings. He reminds me of half a dozen hearty journeymen of half a dozen different eras, so I won't weary him with a lengthy list of comparisons.  What I will say is: this new THOR series looks great, and it's written by Roger Langridge, so it'll be smart and funny and as classicist as the art, I'm sure. Standard Marvel operating procedure: as a new movie looms, they make sure they have a glut of trade paperbacks featuring that character on the shelves, but we won't complain too much if this turns out to be as much fun as these designs look.

Also, regular BL readers know how my mind works, and have already pointed out to me: cop a load of his Ant-Man design page. Gorgeous: the best looking stab at this character I've seen since Coipel's. Paging Edgar Wright!


seth hurley said...

giANTman alone writes the movie sequel.