Thursday, April 08, 2010

Links of disrepute II

Stuff I've seen, and intended to blog sooner, these last couple of days.

1.  I remember a few years ago seeing lots of lovely preview pages from Du Plomb Dans La Tete at Casterman's website, and planning on getting 'round to reading it eventually. Then promptly forgetting.  So, good to see it's got an Anglophone publisher lined up: 2000AD legend Colin Wilson reports on his blog on its release from Dynamite, as BULLET TO THE HEAD.

 2.  Not the biggest fan of comic artists using paint (with one exception, Bisley's Slaine: The Horned God), but I saw this by Gabriele Dell Otto at Quicky's blog, and was taken with its John Totleben-liness. There's even a Slaine illustration there by the same dude.

3.  The BBC getting close on some DOCTOR WHO computer games. Producers promise they'll be like an extra four episodes for the new series. Plenty of screenshots of the digital Legs McGee over here.

4.  Talking of Legs McGee, here's The Noisettes covering The Buzzcocks' Ever Fallen In Love With Someone You Shouldn't've, in order to sell DM boots.