Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Been caught soliciting: DC, July 2010.

I love Bucky, and you've probably noticed, he's been doing more covers (nearly always in watercolours) lately. This is his best yet: all those disparate elements, in perfect balance. Poptastic.

What I want from a Mike Allred comic: mod chicks. And for it not to be written by Mike Allred.

Holy shit, Pete Milligan is bringing Shade The Changing Man back in HELLBLAZER #269. Cover by The Biz.

More Brendan McCarthy comics on their way, too: he's drawing a short in HOUSE OF MYSTERY #27. The man is clearly basing his comics career on London buses (none come along in years, then there's three all at once).

And down at the arse-end, I see DC Direct have produced a Farah Fawcett action figure. What's that all about then?

See the lot at CBR.