Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Been caught soliciting: Dark Horse, July 2010.

 Dave Johnson continues to give good skull. I want your skulls! I need your skulls!

Now that Cam Kennedy's retired, we're getting a chance to see some of his best American work collected in one lovely, gigantic, book - STAR WARS: THE DARK EMPIRE TRILOGY. That reminds me - is THE LIGHT AND DARKNESS WAR in print anywhere these days?

 Oh yeah! Doin' my new Hellboy dance! Unngh! Get down!
 New covers on some SIN CITY trades going back to print. Oh Frank. You can still do it when you want to.

 The last FEAR AGENT series kicks off. Aw. I loved that series.

 And more of Adam Warren's never-less-than-charming EMPOWERED. Not a great cover, but please don't let that stop you.

Covers via the good spuds at CBR.