Sunday, March 14, 2010

The MICHAEL FASSBENDER FOR DAN DARE campaign starts today.

Simon from the Pimpernel's Blog may not think the movers and shakers of Hollywood read his blog, but I'm deluded enough to think there's a chance they may see this*: Click here to see his inspired casting call for the proposed DAN DARE movie.  And once you've seen it, start campaigning: Michael Fassbender for Dan Dare! Make your voice heard!

*From the same blogger who brought you the successful campaigns "Brian Blessed for Odin" and "Nick Frost for Volstagg".


pimpernel said...

Ahhh i only just saw this! Brilliant! Cheers for the mention!

We need t-shirts and a slogan, then its a sure thing.

Note to self: check blog feeds more regularly.