Monday, March 22, 2010

Been caught soliciting: DC, June 2010.

Full mountain o' shite here.

Dunno what's going on here, but I do like the idea of Doug Mahnke drawing Lobo.

Sienkiewicz is as Sienkiewicz does.  I'll probably buy this. Not straight away. Whenever it's going dirt cheap as a back issue.

Allred draws tasty, tasty brains.

Stuff I nearly went with: Darwyn Cooke drawing more Moebius-style Jonah Hex; DC reprinting that Superman/Mohammad Ali treasury as a full-sized repro-edition; and is Stephane Roux a dame or a dude? 'Cus whichever it is, (s)he's drawn Zatanna with the most matronly bosom I've seen on any comic book cover...


joe bloke said...

yeah, I went with Zatannas lils, meself. Rouxs a dude.