Thursday, February 04, 2010

More on PARADAX: the TV show.

I trust you've checked out the two links in my previous entry already? Good. Now I'll begin. Here's some of the art Brendan is using in presentations as he pitches PARADAX! around Hollywood. There's even a little bit of new art to see in that second slide, in the character designs in the bottom left.


joe bloke said...

setting aside the unutterable coolness of Paradax for but a moment, youve been given the Kreativ Blogger award. lucky you.

David Wynne said...

Im getting a bit desperate for Fever at this point. Its been too long since new Brendan McCarthy comics!

Mark said...

Well, there was hell of a shorter wait since SOLO #12 (in 2006) and now than between it and SHADE THE CHANGING MAN #22 (in 1992).