Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The cover for Brendan McCarthy's FEVER #2.


james corcoran said...

Looks great but will the Marvel zombies get it.

Mark said...

I reckon SOLO #12 created a lot of appetite out there among a certain kind of comic fan for more McCarthy. If they buy it; and a healthy percentage of the dudes who buy anything with Spider-Man in it; and everybody who wants to see Dr Strange done right, rather than the latest attempt to shoe-horn him into the Bendisverse, buy it; it could become the perfect storm of a sleeper hit.

And we know itll be the biggest ever selling Marvel mini-series in Leeds, thats a given.

Joe Ackerman said...

Marvel oughtta just give Brendan his own comic series to do whatever he wants with for however long he wants to do it. christ, this is going to be the only worthwhile thing to come out of Marvel ( house of ideas, my arse ) - with the very notable exception of CRIMINAL, of course - in soooooo many years. cannot wait!