Thursday, February 04, 2010

Brendan McCarthy: A round-up.

News: an interview by Chris Mautner over at Robot 6.

Rumours: Rich Johnston on what Reverso's getting up to in L.A.


Reds said...

Heard any word on McCarthys level of involvement in the new Mad Max? Ive read vapour about animated segements and 3D, fingers are crossed for some mega budget big screen Ditranko this end.

Mark said...

Every time I ask if hes stil involved, he denies it. I think our best bet is for the movie to get made, with or without him (and hes physcally on the wrong continent to be currently contributing) which would mean that Brendan would be finally free to share (and by that, I really mean "publish") what work he did do on the movie. Which would be pretty much a big honkin cross between a script book, an art-of book, and a graphic novel. Maybe even something not 100 miles from the book Darren Aronofsky and Kent Williams produced for THE FOUNTAIN, if we were really lucky.

That Miller and everyone around him is still referring to the movie as "Fury Road" is hopefully a good signifier that much of the story Brendan worked on is still present in the shooting script.

David Wynne said...

the Robot 6 link is taking me to a review of Siege 2. (Is that not a Christopher Lambert movie?)

Ive found it anyway, though. This is good stuff!

Mark said...

Duuh. Fixed that now, sorry.

Reds said...

I would order such a book IMMEDIATELY!