Monday, January 25, 2010

No shit, Sherlock

So, in a video statement to the Midem conference in Cannes, Radiohead's Ed O'Brien reckons the music industry has been putting money ahead of creativity in recent years. Fuck me, how insightful.  I'd put it another way - a cartel of bastards, with Simon Cowell as their public face, have gleefully turned the artform of popular music into their own private strip-mine.   Ed O'Brien is however, a nice polite boy from a college town, whereas I'm a mountain man with rough country manners.


PJ Holden said...

NOOOOO! It cant be true - are you suggesting that capitalism, as a whole, prefers to make money over art? and that the interests of creativity have never really been at the forefront of the multinationals mind? I dont believe it!

Mark said...

I know! Turns out its true!

The thing is, look at the singles charts for any supposed golden period for the LP, and itll be shit. 1967? Shit. 1969? Shit.

Tell you what news story I REALLY liked today: Tesco moving into movie production. Oh yeah.

cerebus660 said...

Does that mean well be able to watch Tesco Value movies starring top artistes like Eric Roberts and Shannon Doherty? Cant wait!

PJ Holden said...

Dont their films normally end up in the Tesco Bargain bins anyway?