Friday, January 08, 2010

Been caught soliciting: Dark Horse, April 2010.

Still getting used to typing that. Anyho':

A new edition of Steranko's RED TIDE, this time with remastered colour by Dave Stewart.  Should look great, anyway.

B.P.R.D: KING OF FEAR #4. Och aye.


Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson's BEASTS OF BURDEN, in collected form. Can't recommend it highly enough. Simultaneously scary and heartwarming. Made of win. Give it a go, please.

I'll be buying the second THE END LEAGUE trade, too, I'm sure. Not in any way original, or even near Rick Remender's best work (still FEAR AGENT, by a country mile), but it is drawn by Eric Canete, ferfuxache.

And I might even be sentimental enough to buy this:

Copaloada the full solicits at CBR.


Mark said...

That THE CROOKED MAN cover is the best thing Mignolas drawn in ages. Clearly working with Fegredo has made him sit up and pay attention.

james corcoran said...

Cool, may need to get that Star Wars trade too if only to wade in nostalgia. Definately picking up Red Tide never read it but i figure any Steranko is good Steranko.

Trevor said...

totally agree that Fegredo has upped Mignolas game a bit. Plus, that story was one of Mignolas best I think.

seth hurley said...

that Star Wars Omnibus looks great, all the stuff I got as a kid at the newsstand. Chaykin & Simonson art to boot!

and another Alien Legion Omnibus!