Monday, September 28, 2009

Diamond Dave The Devilpig Does Deadpool.

Something of a likeable MAD MAGAZINE influence on that. But damned if I'll ever buy a bloody DEADPOOL comic.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Homebrew tabletop fun with WJC!

It's blog anniversaries a go go, as Warwick Johnson Cadwell celebrates hitting the big oh-two. Celebrates like a fox! by eviscerating a wrestler in the grand MB Games tradition.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Been Caught Soliciting: DC, December 2009.

Fab and Gab's new comic, DAYTRIPPER starts from Vertigo.

 Occasionally DC Direct stick out some tat that isn't so dreadful, such as their black and white Batmen. Here's one based on Frank Quitely's current soft redesign of the character.It's so tasteful I might even consider giving it space on my mantelpiece.

Been Caught Soliciting: Marvel, December 2009

For some reason or another, I remain fond of the slick synthetic stylings of Adi Granov. He's like the Greg Horn it's okay to like, and here's his Black Widow. Or as she's known in the Ulster-Scots Avengers, Black Widda Wummin.

Sean Phillips remains the sexiest artist in comics. On both levels.

Always had a thing for Ed Hannigan's covers as a kid, so buying this will be edifying and charitable.

BAD LIBRARIANSHIP is five years old, part IX.

Ah, Dan McDaid and his ongoing campaign to bring more realism to the world of skin-tight superhero costumery. Not by adding loads of stitching and strapping or any of that other Bryan Hitch crap, but by delineating their plums in mind-boggling detail.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Eat your greens.

My lack of shit-giving about anything happening in the DC Universe not overseen by Grant Morrison is total, but saw this over at Dean Trippe's livejournal and was charmed. Luckily. Luckily charmed. Arf. It's funny cuz I is Irish!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Narrow escape.

Those Sunnyside Comics guys have another episode up. And knowing how rough their humour can be, I was expecting the worst when I realized my blog was going to be up for discussion this time in their new Blog Trotters segment. But they were really nice!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Philip Bond's Le déjeuner sur l'herbe

BAD LIBRARIANSHIP is five years old, part VIII.

BAD LIBRARIANSHIP is five years old, part VII.

Here's Edmund Bagwell's contribution to the fifth birthday of Bad Librarianship. And it's another doozy. Looks like the CRADLEGRAVE maestro has been mainlining pure Kirby/Royer!

Monday, September 07, 2009

More Norn Iron podcast goodness.

Listening to Sunnyside Comics #5, I've just noticed that, as they hit their stride, the team dynamic of Paul, Scott and Ron has started to reflect that of the most popular podcast ever. PJ is the Ricky Gervais: taunting, bellicose; Ron is the Stephen Merchant: slyer, the agent provocateur; and poor old Scott is the Karl Pilkington: their scapegoat.


Despite ordering their Paul Pope print a few weeks ago, I hadn't quite cottoned on that the great illustrator Tim Doyle was the head honcho, rather than just the principal illustrator for, Nakatomi Inc. In order to secure a copy of the groovy (and free!) Alex Fugazi Jack Kirby/THE DEMON tribute print, I promised Tim I'd give them a plug.

So buy their stuff.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

BAD LIBRARIANSHIP is five years old today, part VI.

Just received another birthday treat in my in-box: brother-from-another-mother Warwick Johnson Cadwell sends along an uncannily realistic artistic impression of how I spend my nights between shifts at the library.

BAD LIBRARIANSHIP is five years old today. pt V.

Sir Duncan Fegredo is getting it tight at the minute with impending deadlines, but he blew off his editor (sorry Scott!) in order to bang out some solid gold for Bad Librarianship's birthday. Now, this is truly above and beyond the call of duty, m'lud.

BAD LIBRARIANSHIP is five years old today. pt IV.

He's the man Tucker Stone so rightly called "The Leviticus of the internet", and like the hip young gunslinger he is, Sean Witzke shot first by paying tribute to Bad Librarianship a day early. And damned if I didn't find this post at his great blog SUPERVILLAIN more than a little moving.

BAD LIBRARIANSHIP is five years old today. pt III.

Another of our special correspondents, Brendan McCarthy is off being incredibly glamourous in Los Angeles as we speak.  But when he heard about this, *hacking cough* auspicious occasion in blogging history, he sent along this message to the readers:

Well done Mark on getting to five!
I'm almost at the end of the Dr Strange and Spider-Man story for Marvel. So keep your Eye of Agamotto peeled, in a few months time: Marvel Knights.... FEVER.
All the best,
Brendan McCarthy

BAD LIBRARIANSHIP is five years old today. pt II.

First of the blog's special correspondants to provide us with some tasty stuff on this special occasion is Chris Weston. Did you know that Chris was signed on as a concept artist on THE BOOK OF ELI before Denzel Washington had agreed to do it? Chris' first design for the character was part of a presentation to the actor to entice him to do the movie, and clearly, the multiple Oscar winner has great taste in comic art. So, for the first time anywhere on't web, the drawing that hooked Denzel Washington:

Chris wasn't the only English fella working on the movie - here's a shot of him with his new best mate Gary, who bonded with him over their mutual love of P.G. Tips:

OMG, it's Commissioner Gordon/Dracula/Sirius Black/Stansfield!

BAD LIBRARIANSHIP is five years old today.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

David Wynne's TANK GIRL.

Regular BL commentator David Wynne, of the webcomic MindHack, ponders "if I drew Tank Girl, would Mark link to my DeviantArt page, too?"  The answer, of course, is no.  But then he Paypalled me a tenner, so here it is.

Lunchbreak Sketch - Tank Girl by ~davidwynne on deviantART

Sean Phillips' impressive reverse cowgirl

Over here.