Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Darwyn Cooke's cover for his adaptation of THE HUNTER.

Missed this when it first slipped out at Chris Ryall's blog.

Monday, January 26, 2009

TINTIN movie news gets Haddock lookalike excited.

Yeah yeah yeah. I know. I'm the comic-movie-hater-guy. But this sounds so sodding good: the cast, the writing team, everything, that even I'm excited.

Dusty Abell

Don't know much about Dusty Abell, other than I vaguely remember him doing a Legion fill-in back when it was good, but he's managed to fit a lot of my childhood into one picture here.

Now that's funny.

The end is nigh for THE END IS NIGH.

Got yer comic book heresy right here. Hilarious? Baffling? In poor taste? Or just half-assed? You decide!

Soup catcher. Face warmer.

Via homeboy Colin: a website for all those poor sods suffering from beard envy.  You too can look like a tramp/country rocker/Captain Haddock!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Love this.

Some of these likeness are so spot on, it's uncanny. People know I'm always wary of comic-to-movie adaptations, and the more I like the source material, the more worried I get. But I suppose I should just learn to relax, and trust Edgar Wright. It's not like he's ever steered us wrong before. (via A Blog Next Door)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Been Caught Soliciting: DC and Marvel, April 2009

I'll run any Bolland SPIRIT cover. More SEAGUY: that's one of those things bloggers like. Marvel start adapting PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, ferfuxache. Cover design reminds me of that awful "Aunt May is actually Spider-Man's mother" series Mark Millar wrote a few years ago. Forgot what the hell it was called. Not bothering to look it up.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Neil Young wants me to buy a Playstation 3: links'n'shite.

1. If, like me, you loved Nic Klein's covers for Marvel's STAR-LORD, you'll be pleased to hear he's going to be drawing a whole-assed comic. About VIKINGS, I reckon.

2. I've been waiting for you: Shakey finally gets the archives out. Great mini-site. But clearly, Neil doesn't give a shit about trifles like the credit crunch.

3. Brendan McCarthy's McGoohan obit.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nathan Stapley

Man, this guy's work is good. And seriously cheap.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pope does McDaid.

Continuing the I-am-Dan-McDaid's-press-agent-paid-only-in-hugs theme, here's Paul Pope's cover for JERSEY GODS #2.  Unsurprisingly, I love it.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I dig Doug.

There's a few preview pages of SUPERMAN BEYOND #2 up at Newsarama, where Grant Morrison shows how to do a great Billy Batson in pretty much one page.  The first issue of SB was my favourite thing to have came out of the whole FINAL CRISIS hoo-hah so far, and kind-of showed where DC had gone wrong with the parent title. Just as Marvel gave their big summer book a mid-ranking-but-fine-and-damned-prolific-artist, DC should really have gone with having Doug Mahnke drawing the whole of the mother series.  JG Jones is great, but I think every single comic fan in the English speaking world predicted the wheels were going to come off that bus.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Link to the cute.

Recently read a piece over at some website or another (trans: couldn't be arsed remembering and linking to it) opinionatin' that the BBC's newfound marketing priorities for DOCTOR WHO means we'll never get an actor as unconventional looking as Bill Nighy or Chiwetel Ejiofor playing the Doctor.  It's a good point: as much as I'd get a laugh from seeing Bill Nighy's face on a kid's pencil-case or duvet cover, I guess it'll never happen.  But in the meanwhile: how cute are these? 

None more cute, that's how.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Jersey Cattle Society Of The United Kingdom.

Dan McDaid is probably the internet's worst self-publicist, so I'll just go ahead and do this for him: there's an interview up for his new Image ongoing series JERSEY GODS over here at CBR.

In a couple of months time, he'll probably be able to hire people to do this sort of stuff for him, like Warren Ellis. You do know that's not really Warren Ellis on Twitter?  That's a 47 year-old East Timorese woman who works for minimum wage.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Drokk me pink!

You wanna see concept art by Jock for the new JUDGE DREDD movie? 'Course you do.

Dammit all to hell.

Ron Asheton, R.I.P. FUNHOUSE is the greatest album ever made, and The Stooges were the greatest live band I've ever seen.

Been Caught Soliciting, April '09: DARK HORSE.

Kevin Nowlan goes phallic on the latest B.P.R.D.

Another issue of Adam Warren's EMPOWERED to look forward to. Cracking stuff, Gromit!

Gabriel Bà gets the letratone out.

Also of note: no mention of HELLBOY: THE WILD HUNT #5. Buggery doo-dah.

Monday, January 05, 2009


PJ Holden's insane caricature challenge continues with this shot of Ciara, Ellen and me. Group hug!

And Rich Johnston runs the What If of the century - the alluring alternate world where Brendan McCarthy drew Grant Morrison's DOOM PATROL.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Well, at least I never bothered to stick 60 on Chiwetel Ejiofor: thoughts on the next Doctor Who.

So Matt Smith is the new Doctor. I remember thinking last time that Dave Tennant was too young for the part, right up until the first pictures were released of him in his (brilliant) costume design. And now this guy is like Tennant's younger brother. They'll have to cast a sodding teenager as his assistant.

The new boy looks like he'll be a boon to cartoonists - PJ Holden has already commented upon Smith's "brilliantly bumpy head", and Rich Johnston has noticed he looks like he's been drawn into life by Frank Quitely.

So they had a chance to go somewhere radically different with The Doctor, and in a way they have. But in that deranged alternate universe that is the inside of my head, the new Doctor is Idris Elba dressed like Marvin Gaye in 1973. Damn, he was good, too.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

This'll be Happy New Year, then...

...let's make it a good one. I can't get any deeper than that, 'cus I'm hungover as fuck.