Friday, October 02, 2009

Where I should have been last night.

What a total fuck-up. How come I only heard about this after the fact?


Trevor said...

Dude this is sweet! Frank has slimmed down and his voice is rad as ever. Ammie and I are going to see them next month at the Fox Theater. I like how they dont fuck around and change the songs all up--they play them well and with gusto and the way I want to hear them. Ill try and get you some footage.

saudade said...


BTW, I wrote about getting tix to this on my blog, but Im not your mum -- youve got to check for dates in your own region, man! ;P

Geoff Bell said...

i must admit i found out about it a couple of days beforehand when i saw somebody on fastffude selling a couple of tickets.

i dont have the dosh to spend on shows these days as so much is spent of petrol for the yoke - though, now that ive got a new job lined up, the comute will be 60 miles total a day instead of 120 ;-)

i must remember to dig out some pixies cds to listen to in the car, as ive been listening to seasick steve nonstop for months and months - each disc plays something like three times for each leg of my trip to and from work.

Chris Weston said...

I saw the Pixies live first time round. And you know what? They were okay.

Thats all; okay.

Didnt blow my socks off. And Im a fan.