Sunday, September 06, 2009

BAD LIBRARIANSHIP is five years old today. pt II.

First of the blog's special correspondants to provide us with some tasty stuff on this special occasion is Chris Weston. Did you know that Chris was signed on as a concept artist on THE BOOK OF ELI before Denzel Washington had agreed to do it? Chris' first design for the character was part of a presentation to the actor to entice him to do the movie, and clearly, the multiple Oscar winner has great taste in comic art. So, for the first time anywhere on't web, the drawing that hooked Denzel Washington:

Chris wasn't the only English fella working on the movie - here's a shot of him with his new best mate Gary, who bonded with him over their mutual love of P.G. Tips:

OMG, it's Commissioner Gordon/Dracula/Sirius Black/Stansfield!


sean witzke said...

Wheres my Weston and Zorg buddy comedy, I want that shit RIGHT NOW.