Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pimp My Bass.

My house renovation budget is rapidly spinning out of control, so for god's sake, please buy my bass! Even if you can't play it, it'll look really nice up on your mantelpiece!


Geoff Bell said...

is that a short-scale yoke?

Mark said...


Geoff Bell said...

took some measurement of that bass i have a good while back and found out why the intonation was always a compromise.

ali jackson had added some shims under the neck-plate as the truss-rod had rung and the neck seemed to have bowed more than necessary, so i always though the compromise was because of that, but it looks like the yoke had a full-scale neck on a short-scale body.

lousy-bought-for-peanuts-from-some-shite-in-coalisland pos.

Mark said...

This one plays like a dream, sounds great and is going for a song. I cant recommend it enough. BID DAMN YOU!