Friday, June 19, 2009

P.J. Holden's artist tips from Twitter.

Our homeboy Peej spelt out how to make it in comics last night, through the medium of Twitter. Inspired stuff, and well worth the cutting and pasting.

#ArtistsTips the only person you can rely on is yourself. And even then you can only be 50% sure of that.

#artiststips you're right: it IS about WHO you know, unfortunately, though editors know a LOT people who can draw better than you.

#ArtistsTips when your wife asks what were you doing til 2:30am - tell her you were drawing.

#ArtistsTips instead of drawing, go to twitter and keep hitting refresh - eventually an editor will spontaneously commission you via a DM.

#ArtistsTips buy some books on anatomy and drawing and leave them on your drawing table. Osmosis isn't just for plants.

#ArtistsTips your portfolio case can handle more than 12 pages! Why not pack it full of stuff, an editor is BOUND to like something in there

#ArtistsTips when an editor tells you what's wrong with your portfolio - why not disagree with them! They can't tell you how to draw. Idiots.

#ArtistsTips if you're too embarrassed to draw nekkid girls in case people think you're a perve - why not make 'em superheroes!

#ArtistsTips your mother and your girlfriend are NOT good judges of your talent. But your dad probably is. And he hates you.

#ArtistsTips Don't want to draw that panel? why not photocopy an earlier panel and ENLARGE it. Almost no-one will notice.

#ArtistsTips to misquote Kirby: every time you erase a line you lose money! Remember this!

#ArtistsTips There IS a magic pen that can make you draw just like Adam Hughes/Mignola/[other] - you just have to find it - now get looking!

#ArtistsTips do work that excites you or you die a little with every compromise. Do work that pays you or you die of starvation.

#ArtistTips find a new, unpublished writer, offer to do a three page strip for them, from that day on - you OWN THEM.

@simonfraser find a writer you like DRINKING with. A pro can work with ANYONE...

#ArtistTips if you find yourself attacking the table at awkward angles-like a snooker player on a trick shot-it may be time to lose weight

Pro Artist Tips: Writers will buy you drinks. Writers will buy anyone but other writers drinks. Remember this. It will save you a FORTUNE.

Pro Artist Tips: Make sure you sneak wolverine into every page - that'll give you a good secondary income when you sell the pages...

Pro Artist Tips: A silhouette looks cool AND is quick to draw.

Comic Artist Tips: the 'zone' happens at exactly 10 minutes before you hit the sack. Why not fool yourself by working a full 24 hrs...

Comic Artist Tips: that writer you can't stand? him? yeah? you'll end up working with him eventually. Bite your lip.

Comic Artist Tips: remember, when asked how fast you are, the answer is ALWAYS "1 page per day"

Comic Artist Tips:why not make sure you eek out every last minute of your deadline,filling the time with self loathing and fear of rejection

Comic Artist tips (everyone else is doing it, why not me?) Want to know what it's like to be a pro comic artist with kids? Punch yourself in the balls 4 times a day, sleep 4 hours per night, eat dinner standing up and... that's it!


PJ Holden said...

Oh man, my head... (not hung over, I wasnt drinking, but I did stay up too late and have a stonking headache...)

Thanks for cutting and pasting those, Im gonna nick that for my - inevitably never to be done - book...


Duncan Fegredo said...

wise words sir, all true!

Mark said...

Hell, Duncan, was that your first "out loud" comment?!

Duncan Fegredo said...

My initial reaction was more of a spluttering laugh filtered through milk and cereal.

Me, Im getting a whole bunch of those magic Mignola pens!

Duncan Fegredo said...

I just realised you meant was that my first blog response? Nah, I pop up here and there, striking when least expected. Ninja like. Or when I can remember my log in really, which is rare, made a stack of comments in the past only to forget my login and so my wry observations are spoken to none but my keyboard. Shame!

sydelic said...

"Pro Artist Tips: A silhouette looks cool AND is quick to draw."

is that the sales pitch to the yet to be suggested all star shadow?

*calls dc*