Sunday, May 24, 2009

Note to Joe Cornish and Edgar Wright.

Oh hi there, io9's fun guide to Ultron. You're a reminder that the angry oedipal android is the only Ant-Man villain out there worth a damn.


seth hurley said...

I keep thinking an Ant-Man movie would have a similar tone to "Innerspace" for some reason.

Maybe its the nonsensical shrinking science action/buddy idea.

whatever, Ultron should be destroyed 20 times during it & always come back, like a robot version of a zombie movie.

Mark said...

Yep, INNERSPACE is a good touchstone. Hank Pym (the awkward, eccentric, polymath boffin) buddies up with (ex-con, regular guy, single dad) Scott Lang to overcome a global threat entirely of Pym's own making. Something like that.

Joe Bloke said...

wait. Ant-Man's got villains?

Mark said...