Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dodgy DOCTOR WHO speculation, Slight Return.

News is leaking from the BBC that there is indeed a DOCTOR WHO movie in pre-production, going a certain way to legitimising my fannish gush of yesterday.  Good-oh, but with RTD already having given David Tennant two everything-plus-the-kitchen-sink send-offs in as many years, just what the hell would the movie's plot be (long-time BL readers know my prefered option - an update of THE THREE DOCTORS with Christopher Eccleston and Paul McGann onboard, doing a full-on space opera elucidation of Davies' greatest addition to the show's mythology, The Time War)?


Nickie said...
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Nickie said...

First time dropping in and am liking it here. :-)
I wish the rumor that a movie (or at least a one-off) is in pre-production is true, and I also want it to be about The Time War featuring McGann, Eccleston and Tennant! *oh please, oh please*!!

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Mark said...

Cheers, Nickie, good to see you here. All comments gladly taken on board.

Geoff Bell said...

well that new guy looks like he'll make a right bollocks of the franchise. bring back tennents. he was the job. mind you, you'd have thought he'd have chosen a stage name after a better beer - something like mcewans or younger, if he wanted to keep the scottish thing going - or harp or guinness if he fancied a wee irish dalliance - or bass if he wanted to sound like a sassenach - or steiger if he wanted to sound exotic

Mark said...

So that's how Rod Steiger got his name - from a cheap import lager.

I watched Matt Smith in that show about political interns and lobbyists an' shit a while back - the new boy is actually very watchable/likeable. He might be okay yet. Still think he's a bit of a credit crunch Tennants, though.

Good to have you back, Bell boy!

Geoff Bell said...

i always dug the stories based on gallifrey. assassin in particular.