Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Alan Martin overview at CBR.

Decent "So what is this whole TANK GIRL thing?" style interview with Alien Martian over here.


Joe Bloke said...

I remember being really excited about the Gifting when it came out, and not being disappointed. I was all up for the new series, too, but then Jamie Hewlett went and done the ad for the China Olympics, and I got all indignant, and still haven't climbed down off me high horse. Alan Martin is a star, and if he wants to do anything other than Tank Girl I'll gladly snap it up, but I won't dip into my pocket when I know that ANY of that money'll be going to Hewlett.

Mark said...

Harsh! Alan and Rufus have another non-Tanky series planned, it was going to come out at IDW, but now won't. I hope they get somewhere else, 'cus everything they've done of late has been solid gold.