Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wednesday Comics

As soon as I heard the first rumours about DC's WEDNESDAY COMICS, I thought, hey, that's got to be Mark Chiarello editing that.  It just had that stamp, that cross of maverick thinking, extremely good taste and the faint whiff of classicism.  And now the story is going overground (see here and especially here), confirming my first thought. Great - this is the first in DC's cycle of experiments with the weekly format that I'm actually interested in. More of that European love of anthology formats, I suppose.

Anyway, not amongst all the big names dropped in the first wave of publicity for the weekly is friend-of-this-blog Ben Caldwell.  He's working on a Wonder Woman story for it, and has sent along these two little teasers for the project.  Great to see Ben getting such a high profile gig: he's a great stylist, and here's hoping this breaks him into the big leagues.  And that colour guide gives us a glimpse at the rather glorious format DC are using for the project.  Big comics = the future.


Brendon said...

This is the first new series in a LONG time to get my interest.

Shame the only comic shop in my town is so crap that I resent even stepping foot inside.

Mark said...

Really - no decent comic shops in Oxford?! Anyone got any suggestions for Brendon?

seth hurley said...

Man, this is definitely going to get me into a shop on a weekly basis.

and all summer long? I cant wait to sit on my stoop, have a smoke, a bit of a drink & read this in the sun.

Mark said...

Best part of that interview:

"MC: ... In comics, creators are often asked what they would want to do with a certain character within certain boundaries, but this is what do you want to do? from the very start.

Thats what I did when I did Solo, I picked the artists, like Tim Sale, for example, and just let him go. As an artist myself, I can tell you that youre very rarely asked to do what you really want to do historically, I think every comic book company could take a bit of a lesson from that. I dont think someone called Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons and said, Weve got this idea called Watchmen that wed like you to take a go at. That sprung from them.

NRAMA: And that, historically, is the way to get the absolute best out of creators, it seems...

MC: Yeah, it is, in many ways. "

Grud, but I wish someone would teach that lesson to Dan and Joe.