Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Been Caught Soliciting: DC and Marvel, April 2009

I'll run any Bolland SPIRIT cover. More SEAGUY: that's one of those things bloggers like. Marvel start adapting PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, ferfuxache. Cover design reminds me of that awful "Aunt May is actually Spider-Man's mother" series Mark Millar wrote a few years ago. Forgot what the hell it was called. Not bothering to look it up.


Mark said...

I remembered! It was called TROUBLE! It stank, and its covers were gawdawful!

Mike Schau said...

Have you seen the Spirit movie yet, Mark?
Sorry Frank Miller but is sucks...sigh.
Mike in Florida

wolfboy said...

I LOVED the 1st Sea Guy mini! Amazingly surreal. I had no idea they were doing more. So exciting.

And I totally missed the Spirit...came and went out of theaters in less than 2 weeks out here in lala land.

Mark said...

Not a good sign, that. Ah, I'll see it when it reaches TV.