Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys.

Expect the blogging here to be even more erratic over the next couple of weeks as we take the show on the road: as of tomorrow it'll be coming from France, as I immerse myself in the local culture (trans: drink my weight in vin rouge). Might get messy. Expect pictures.


Saw this over at Newsarama and had a chuckle:

Screenwriters Matt Manfredi and Phil Hay (Aeon Flux, The Tuxedo) will pen Columbia Pictures adaptation of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertsons series The Boys. Columbia optioned the comic back in February. [The Hollywood Reporter]
It must be disheartening when the writers entrusted to adapt your book are clearly a pair of idiots. Ennis must be sitting at home (or more accurately, in some dive of a bar in New York), wearily thinking "couldn't it have been William Goldman or Andrew Davies, just this once?".

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

...and we know how to use it.

The bostin' Warwick Johnson Cadwell: still my special favourite.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Bank Holiday idealism: up the workers!

Dirk Deppey on Robert Kirkman's land grab video for Image Comics:

"I havent commented on Robert Kirkmans video screed on creator ownership for two reasons: [1] The pro-creators rights argument isnt exactly news to most Journal readers, and [2] the notion that a bevy of original works, presumably genre works, that dont star Wolverine or Batman are going to set the Direct Market on fire, change the buying habits of the Wednesday Crowd or even provide sustainable incomes in the majority of cases is just insane on the face of it. (Kirkman: Theres a reason that most alt-comics types you know, the folks whove been putting their money where your mouth is for two decades? have been quietly abandoning the DM ship for the past few years.) "
I (kind-of) agree with Deppey, patronising though he is, in so much as when he says that as yer Fantagraphics-type "alt-comics" dudes are abandoning the direct market model, so should your mainstream genre creators, too. Chase the mainstream publishing world: set up a deal at Penguin or Harper Collins or a shell company like First Second or whoever. You'll find the book world will treat you with the honour and respect you deserve, rather than the work-for-hire bullsh*t you regularly put up with from a comics industry whose business models were set up during the gangster-ridden, depression-shaped, 1930s.

But if you can't envision a better life for yourself, probably because you grew up as part of what Deppey calls "the Wednesday crowd", hey, at least Image seem to be offering a set-up free of that gangster sh*t. But with a book deal, you'll get advances, something Image can't offer.

And also - try and see if you can get calling work-for-hire "gangster shit" to stick, then we'll see how acceptable the practice really is.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Fantasy DOCTOR WHO movie game.

I'm spending a lot of this weekend watching loads of Tom Baker and Peter Davison DOCTOR WHOs on The Sci-Fi Channel. It's great craic, as is my attempt to derail a thread over at io9 with my Fantasy DOCTOR WHO movie game. I'll just quote myself, shall I?

A DOCTOR WHO movie could be easily achieved, if the will was there. It's the BBC's flagship and biggest moneyspinner these days, so the Beeb has considerable resources to play around with, and plenty of willing partners.
Plus, playing the Fantasy DOCTOR WHO movie game is great fun: If I was Julie Gardner (hmm, interesting thought...), I'd form a seperate production office. Moffat would continue to run the TV show, possibly with the Doctor recast. I'd organise a retreat for the writers to plot a movie (Davies, Moffat, Paul Cornell, Joe Aherne), with a list of pre-requisites to be met (it would have to include appearances by at least three Doctors including McGann, Ecclestone and Tennant; it would have to flesh out the Time War, and the decisions the Doctor made then, and therefore include the Daleks; but everything else would be up for grabs). I'd shop around for an experienced, safe-pair-of-hands, movie director: someone who's shot good looking blockbusters before but knows his role is subservient in this case to the production team's. Or see what Euros Lynn can do with a big budget. Whatever's handiest. I liked the job he did on PHOO ACTION.
So, if the will was there at the BBC, what's your fantasy Doctor Who movie? Other than two hours straight of Martha Jones finger-banging Rose Tyler, that is. Perverts.

Ulster-Scots news.

Some decent quotes from Steven Moffat about the future of DOCTOR WHO turned up in yesterday's mediaGuardian, from Edinburgh's TV festival. Yes to not ruling out a film. Spoilers are bad (but speculating is fun, Steve! And hell, a lot of the speculation by fans on messageboards and blogs turned out to be better SF than what the show-runner's came up with in the last couple of years). And no, to the chances of the Doctor ever being played again by an older actor.

This is a shame, 'cus I was still holding out for the chances of Bill Nighy getting the job. Let's face it, if Nighy will do crap like P.O.T.C. and UNDERWORLD, then he's bound to say yes to the WHO. Also, Nighy looks not unlike an older, wrinklier Dave Tennant: how funny would it have been to set up an arc for a companion where she falls in love with Tennant, and then wham?! He turns into Bill Nighy. Plenty funny, that's how funny.

But I suppose Moffat has done a variation on that gag before, in THE CURSE OF FATAL DEATH, when Hugh Grant regenerated into Jim Broadbent.

Also, a random thought that occurred to me watching the festival coverage on TV last week: what hope for America if even Chuck Palahniuk can't be bothered learning how to pronounce Edinburgh. It's Eddin-burra, people, not Edin-burr-oh. The only American I ever remember as making the effort to pronounce it properly was David Schwimmer. David bleedin' Schwimmer!

Cameron Stewart knocks a couple out.

An early preview of some SEAGUY 2 art. Looks suitably mental.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Company loves Miss Misery.

Elsewhere, I'm involved in a pointless (but fun) debate over who has the right combination of cruel mouth, hidden turmoil and fantastic cleavage to play Miss Misery in any movie adaptation of SLEEPER. Here's an interview with Ed Brubaker on the subject. Bru's pick? Cate Blanchett.

Nutter. Wouldn't mind hearing Sean Phillips' opinion on the matter. Sean?

*Update* Sean says, of all the actresses we discussed, Rachel Weisz, but that "they're all too skinny". Oh hell yeah! I think we can all agree on that.

Friday, August 22, 2008

How dumb are movie people?

This dumb. THE DARK KNIGHT was a success because it was, finally, a Batman movie in the style of the Batman comics. Making a Superman movie in the style of a Batman movie would be just another muddled mess of a Superman movie. Make the next Superman movie in the style of the Superman comics and they will come. It's not rocket science. But oh no, just grab the wrong end of the stick and run with it. It's verisimilitude the audience wants, not a superficial formula.

Pigsy in the aria.

As the Olympics winds up, here's the BBC's one stop shop for all your Hewlett-related downloads: an exclusive MP3, videos, masks, even. Those masks are just too effin' cute: print them out, tie 'em on, enact your own kung fu operas while emoting to the Gorillaz new album.

Complete Control.

Gotta admit, I'm really proud of homeboy P.J. Holden: he may just have created a revolutionary way for comics to be distributed. All these years writing about how we need an iTunes for comics, and it turns out to be iTunes itself (basically).

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Alan Moore knows the score: Northern Ireland - nil, Scotland - nil.

Rich Johnston just linked to this on Twitter: good lad, Rich - Alan Moore's first published work is for sale on Ebay, a two-page essay on The Shadow in a fanzine from 1970. Moore dedicates the work to his parents, which is cute enough when you remember what a handful the little bugger was as a nipper (expelled from school that year for dealing LSD, if memory serves).

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

World's most serious actor to play comedian.

Weeeird casting. Bill Hicks is something of a deity in these parts.

HELLBOY 2 Review.

Received this review earlier from homeboy and frequent BL flier Jacko:

well, I saw HELLBOY 2 last night. Thought it was OK. However Ted Danson with two slices of black pudding on his head could have saved them a fortune in make up. The line "Hellboy, let's go to Antrim" kinda lost a lot of the romance and excitement for me - Antrim's a dump."

Indeed it is: does Hellboy really spend some time in this movie considering a visit to Norn Iron's epicentre for sectarianism and heroin abuse? Bonkers.

In other news: currently listening to Dennis Wilson's PACIFIC OCEAN BLUE. It's bloody good.

Monday, August 18, 2008

DC still solicitatin'... And Brian Bolland: still mad as a badger.

Behind the scenes at the shoot of the MONKEY BEE short:

That hat looks a bit Moebius. "Those aren't my onions!"

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jonah Hex #35.

Remember when Jim Williams would do those SEVEN SOLDIERS Vigilante pages in the style of Jean Giraud's BLUEBERRY? And how you'd grin like a contented loon? Yeah, those pages were good. These're better.

Shite A Line.

I'm sitting here listening to the soundtrack album to SHINE A LIGHT, and I'm sure it won't surprise you when I say it yo-yos in quality in an almost schizo fashion. Any great version of an old classic is immediately followed by annoying desecration of another, over and over again. Silly old fuc*ers. Someone revoke their license to play Sympathy For The Devil now, for gawd's sake.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Links of note.

Grant Morrison interview. Yes, magic is real. Y'know what makes it seem even more real? Rituals that feature hallucinogenic drugs.

i09's 10 comic creators they'd rather see direct a movie than Frank Miller. They make a lot of fair points. Mainly about Pope and Mignola.

Y'know how people keep linking to new episodes of THE VENTURE BROTHERS streaming on the Adult Swim website, but you can't see 'em because you're on the wrong blamed continent? Well, bypass that by watching them via the creator's commentaries section. Hola! I'm thanking Sean for giving me that idea.

Like The Beatles and Led Zeppelin before him, Dan McDaid has broken America. Dunno what it'll take to put it back together again. Gaffer tape?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Never Can Say Goodbye.

Didn't plan to write anything about the death of Isaac Hayes, but I've enough of his albums and Chef-themed SOUTH PARK fridge magnets to think I should. Maybe the only Scientologist I'd feel like eulogising, unless Jason Lee got hit by a bus tomorrow. Anyways, here's Jim Mahfood's rather classy tribute from his blog.

Back handers. Blagging. Corruption.

The nice folks under the hairdressers at Orbital Comics asked me to post the dates of their upcoming events (Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie signing LOST GIRLS on the 13th September from 2-4pm; and Tony Lee and Gary Russell signing the rolled-up copies of IDW's DOCTOR WHO comics you produce from your back pockets on the 27th September, from 2-4pm). But I said, sod that. Who do you think I am, Newsa-friggin'-rama?

Remember folks - the best way to ensure a free plug at Bad Librarianship is by sending actual stuff, not just polite e-mails. So just do the right thing Emily, and send me a signed copy of LOST GIRLS, right?

...and boy, are my arms tired!

Just flown back in after a long weekend of record-setting debauchery on a stag weekend that the groom himself backed out of through sheer cowardice. So we all said "fu*k it anyway", and went ahead with our plans. But I'm fighting off exhaustion just long enough to link to this: Rachel Talalay is trying to regain the rights to TANK GIRL and make another film of it. Must admit, I laughed like an asthmatic cat when I saw that.

The only director I'd liked to have seen take a crack at a Tank Girl movie was Chuck friggin' Jones.

And Brendan McCarthy finally announces a new comic project, and it's one that makes plenty of sense for the none-more-Ditko maestro: a Spider-Man and Dr. Strange mini-series. Dude!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Do the Shaky Kane.

Apparently, this is out tomorrow, but I only found out about it today. Good, 'cus what the world needs now is more Shaky Kane. Must email the aul' comic shop and see if they can sort me out with a copy.

All in a dream, all in a dream...

Simon Pegg wants to write a couple of episodes of the planned STAR WARS TV show. What an obvious yet cracking idea that'd be. My idea for a STAR WARS TV show will never happen, because it made too much sense: there's a ton of creators who grew up loving STAR WARS as kids, guys like Pegg and Kevin Smith, who'd work for scale just to get a chance to do whatever the hell they liked in that universe. So let them tell a one-hour story set from any point in the saga, in an anthology series. Cast the net far and wide to get scripts in. My personal dream was always to see Garth Ennis write a little war movie set on Hoth from a Stormtrooper's P.O.V. - basically, CROSS OF IRON with AT-ATs.

Monday, August 04, 2008

What was the worst superhero movie of all time?

Long-time readers will know about my reticence to praise even the most popularly-lauded superhero movies. Hell, looking through my back pages, I've declared SPIDER-MAN 2 an affront to Steve Ditko, BATMAN BEGINS boring, SPIDER-MAN 3 dire, FANTASTIC FOUR: THE RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER a blasphemy, THE DARK KNIGHT overlong to the point of being a severe test of my kidney and liver functions, etc, etc.

Honestly, I'm not just a total contrarian, I really do think super-heroes work best in two dimensions. Okay, I'll give THE INCREDIBLES a pass for working in three computer-generated dimensions. Plus, it's the only one I've ever popped for on DVD, and that says a lot. I also reckon the movie industry can kill a comic book stone dead with their carelessness: bad adaptations have rendered several properties radioactive for years, from Fritz The Cat onwards, through The Punisher, Tank Girl, Judge Dredd, and Spawn.

So here's a poll that's right up my street (even if I'm probably not that qualified to judge, after all. I've refused point blank to watch nearly all the examples cited, for one reason or another - from plain good sense, right through to moral outrage): what was the worst superhero movie of all time?

There's plenty of contenders, but what the hell is BATMAN (1966) doing there? It's brilliant!

And if my old mucker Brendon Connelly is out there: spot on with your THE DARK KNIGHT review. And congrats on getting hitched.

Rufus' cover for THE MEGAZINE #275

The big all-new-format issue. Keep an eye on that helmet Tanky's serving drinks out of: it may well be subject to change.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

The boys from Brazil.

Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba rock out on a cover for BPRD: 1947. Oh yeah.

Librarians of note.

I finally finished my portfolio for the first module of my college course last week, after blowing off my original deadline big-time, in fantastically disgraceful circumstances. But since I did finish it, co-workers keep saying, doing or dropping things in my lap that make me go, "ooh, I could have mentioned this!" or, "ooh, I could have worked that in somewhere!" But that's always the way, innit?

Anyway, here's to some inspirational librarian friends of this blog: Trevor Calvert and Laverne Mann. Everyone should check out that photo of Lav about to get a force-goose from Darth Vader.

Here's to Jacko for showing me this, which just might revolutionise my plans to brainwash the world. Just as soon as I infiltrate Project Gutenberg.

And here's to another inspirational librarian, Rupert Giles, seen this time in the presentation piece for the failed BUFFTY THE DRAGON SLAYER animated series. Note the rather classy design job by Eric "Whatever happened to Eric Wight?" Wight.

White eyes, burning like fire...

Finally saw THE DARK KNIGHT tonight. By the Joker's third speech advocating anarchism, black is white, up is down, etc, I was squirming in my seat. And that's coming from a confirmed anarchist*. So yeah, a judicious edit wouldn't have gone amiss. Batsuit still looks shit. Thank god they blew up that ugly Batmobile and replaced it with a Lambo.

But all in, easily the best crime movie aimed at 12 year-olds ever made.

* I'm such an anarchist that, come the revolution, I'll insist "Did You No Wrong" becomes the national anthem.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Lee "Scratch" Perry - Pum Pum

Clearly not as mad as he lets on.

Hail The O'Neill.

Drawn and PJ have both linked to this guy lately, and I will, too: Chris "Thumbs" O'Neill. He's like a mid-point stylistically between Simon Gane and Jonathan Edwards, and what's not to love about that?