Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lee Bermejo: turns out he's quite good.

I remember being just a little bit more jubilant than I should have been when Sir Duncan Fegredo got the Hellboy gig. This was because I'd previously been so underwhelmed by the news that Lee Bermejo was the artist originally chosen to be Mignola's full-time replacement on art duties. So imagine my surprise when I saw this preview of DC's new JOKER original graphic novel, and was bowled over by his work. It's got something of a J.H. Williams III vibe, possibly caused by the presence of Jim's former collaborator Mick Gray on inks. Anyway, I'm popping over to Amazon now to preorder it, on the strength of these few pages.

*UPDATE!* Eddie Campbell liked Bermejo's work considerably less on these samples than I did. I'm getting used to this: every time I announce I'll be giving some artist a second chance, another pro pops up to tell me why I'm wrong.