Monday, October 20, 2008

Bullet points.

1. Have loved Chip Zdarsky since the PRISON FUNNIES, but this latest wheeze made me hurt myself a little. Please click on it.

2. Today I learnt (via Twitter) that Mike Moorcock has given Paul Cornell permission to use Jerry Cornelius in a story. Not in a Marvel comic, surely?

3. Something else I learnt via Twitter, (because of PJ this time)? Eighties UK comics leg end Jerry Paris has a blog. Well, two blogs. Noticed his work on some Anthony Horowitz paperbacks at work a few months ago, 'cus I stopped and took a second to check if they were by another BL favourite, Simon Gane. Since then, I've noticed his work everywhere. The guy's became an illustrative chameleon.

4. And on that Simon Gane note: do try the trades of Vertigo's VINYL UNDERGROUND. It won't change your life, but it's good. It's pretty much what you'd expect - HELLBLAZER as re-imagined by an EASTENDERS scriptwriter - all the current UK Zeitgeist is thrown together in there, often painfully so. The obsession with C-list celebrity, footballers, soapstars, gangsters. Political correctness. Tokenism. Then with a dollop of typical Vertigo urban horror and occultism. But the art's f*cken great.

5. I'll just keep going, will I? Mike Mignola in a suit. Don't think I've ever seen him in anything other than a denim shirt and jeans before.

6. I love the way Dave Johnson draws the Punisher's skull logo. And I'm not just saying that because he might still be reading. Graphitti should make a T-shirt of it soon.


NOONE said...

Vinyl Underground was great!! No one else i know was reading it. I ran across the first issue.. like I ran across your blog purely by accident.

Mark said...

Most people run across my blog after googling "Martha Jones fingerb*nging Rose Tyler".

NOONE said...

Ha. Well u found me out then.

sean witzke said...

Wait... are there pictures? Did I miss something?

look said...

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