Monday, September 08, 2008

Moebius and Me.

As a librarian, I must say the CNBDI is very impressive. We've plenty of great advocates for comics in the Anglophone world, but most of them come from a business or entertainment background. To get something like this off the ground over here, we'd need a strong public voice coming from academia, but damned if I can think of any likely candidates. Given its history, surely there should be a UK national comics library at Dundee?

Anyway, I went to the library there and asked for their Chris Weston section. They must have been watching Fawlty Towers on their monitors, because they started laughing and saying "qué?" a lot.


Chris Weston said...

Ouch, baby. Very ouch.

Dan McDaid said...

Re: Dundee, I was having this very conversation with m'missus (who is Dundee born and bred) the other day. Why the hell *doesn't* Dundee have a comics museum? The answer, as is often the case when venality and pettiness win out over invention and ambition, is DC Thomson. They would never stump up the money for such a thing, on account of being miserly Victorian bureacrats - nor would they allow anyone else to do anything with their vast, VAST archives of material, on account of being paranoid, cynical and lazy. When people talk about Scots being tight-fisted, dour and defeatist (and a lot of Scots even think of themselves this way), I genuinely believe it's dreary, cheapskate, underachieving DCT which is (at least partly) to blame.

You should probably also factor in a terminally corrupt (and much despised) local council, who are too busy selling areas of outstanding natural beauty to Tesco to even *consider* improving Dundee's cultural landscape.

Mark said...

Can't rely on big business, can't rely on politicians. As I said, it'll take academics to get this sorted. And if one sector moves even slower than business and politics, its academia. And it'd have to be in New York or London.

Mark said...

And Chris: you know it comes from a place of love. But I was a little surprised at how they didn't have THE FILTH, or THE INVISIBLES in their collection, that I saw. Maybe they're sitting on a load of stuff for their 2009 reopening.