Sunday, September 14, 2008

Henry Flint's HAUNTED TANK #1 cover is nice.

Flint, an artist you probably know for drawing in a style that blends Carlos Ezquerra, Mick McMahon and a pinch of Steve Dillon, seems to be factoring in a little Frank Quitely here. Similarly, along those lines, I see Vincent is down as the major contributor to FINAL CRISIS: SECRET FILES #1. Is this a cruel joke, or can we really expect a major chunk of work by the Morrison/Quitely super-team? I've been burned on them thar SECRET FILES books before, y'know.


Kevin Levell said...

That is very, very nice... definitely smacks of Frank Quitely, that's who I thought it was at first glance... very little of the lovely scratchiness of Flint's usual work.