Thursday, September 25, 2008

EyeCandy #1: all about the pony.

Remember EyeCandy, Al Ewing and PJ Holden's paradigm-busting comic for the iPhone? Issue 1 is available from iTunes now. This is a plug, and therefore not the time for me to go into a lecture about why this here's yer future for comics distribution, right here, right now. But it is.

It's probably not the most economic decision I've ever made, but I might buy an iPod Touch just for this.


saudade said...

Steve Jobs will get you, sooner or later.

Mark said...

Apple make great kit, its just the dogmatic berks who go on't internet and defend every stupid decision Apple ever make that get my goat. I don't put my faith in political parties, I don't put my faith in religions, so why the hell should I do it with a corporation, a brand?

I remember when the earliest first generation iPod Nanos started going explodey in people's pockets after the first few days (and mine did too). The Apple loyalists, without fail, were on messageboards trying to tell (innocent, confused, worried, potentially out-of-pocket) people that they were in the wrong. That there wasn't a chance in hell Apple could be at fault. That they were imagining it. That they were evil for daring to suggest The Blessed Apple could ever be wrong about anything, oh noes.

Similarly, I've seen variations on this theme over at the Infurious Comics' website: what appeared to me as concerted, borderline personal, attacks on (let's remember) other Apple users who've dared to disagree with one strand of The Apps Store's policies.

So yeah, hence the Jonestown gags a few days ago. But the actual products? Fine.

saudade said...

You forgot the /rant ;D

Wow, that's the most I've ever seen you comment, on your own blog or otherwise!

Though I'm curious why you subject yourself to the abuse of Apple employees masquerading as consumers? I know there are scary Apple-philes out there, but it wouldn't surprise me -- Steve Jobs is not one to let anything tarnish the rep of Apple as a factory for nirvana.

In all seriousness, I totally agree with you, but I'd go farther and say it also goes for the anti-Mac, "PC as god" folks too. The only good thing about Apple-Mac/Microsoft-PC wars is John Hodgman.

Mark said...

Aaaah, I needed that. Now I can resume being my usual glib, easy-going self.

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