Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ulster-Scots news.

Some decent quotes from Steven Moffat about the future of DOCTOR WHO turned up in yesterday's mediaGuardian, from Edinburgh's TV festival. Yes to not ruling out a film. Spoilers are bad (but speculating is fun, Steve! And hell, a lot of the speculation by fans on messageboards and blogs turned out to be better SF than what the show-runner's came up with in the last couple of years). And no, to the chances of the Doctor ever being played again by an older actor.

This is a shame, 'cus I was still holding out for the chances of Bill Nighy getting the job. Let's face it, if Nighy will do crap like P.O.T.C. and UNDERWORLD, then he's bound to say yes to the WHO. Also, Nighy looks not unlike an older, wrinklier Dave Tennant: how funny would it have been to set up an arc for a companion where she falls in love with Tennant, and then wham?! He turns into Bill Nighy. Plenty funny, that's how funny.

But I suppose Moffat has done a variation on that gag before, in THE CURSE OF FATAL DEATH, when Hugh Grant regenerated into Jim Broadbent.

Also, a random thought that occurred to me watching the festival coverage on TV last week: what hope for America if even Chuck Palahniuk can't be bothered learning how to pronounce Edinburgh. It's Eddin-burra, people, not Edin-burr-oh. The only American I ever remember as making the effort to pronounce it properly was David Schwimmer. David bleedin' Schwimmer!