Friday, August 22, 2008

How dumb are movie people?

This dumb. THE DARK KNIGHT was a success because it was, finally, a Batman movie in the style of the Batman comics. Making a Superman movie in the style of a Batman movie would be just another muddled mess of a Superman movie. Make the next Superman movie in the style of the Superman comics and they will come. It's not rocket science. But oh no, just grab the wrong end of the stick and run with it. It's verisimilitude the audience wants, not a superficial formula.


Stan the Man said...

Verisimilitude is an especially well-chosen word in this particular case. Richard Donner had that exact word made into a big sign hung up on the studio walls during the development and production of Superman and Superman II (the parts he filmed, anyways). Donner clearly got it, as did Mario Puzo. The folks since then, not so much...

I think Iron Man was a much better movie than The Dark Knight... but hey. I may be a wee bit prejudiced!


Mark said...

Didn't know that, but it makes perfect sense.

Plus verisimilitude is one thing the last couple of Marvel movies have had in spades, and they haven't done too badly, either.

Kevin Levell said...

I enjoyed Superman Returns (for nostalgic reasons)... I don't think it was as good as it could have been, no offense to Bryan Singer (because X-men was the business!) but he just didn't do a good enough job and Bosworth let the casting down IMO.
I think someone like Sam Mendes would have done a much better job - look at Road to Perdition for an awesome comic to movie transition - I could see Sam being able to add a little darkness to the big boy scout!