Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys.

Expect the blogging here to be even more erratic over the next couple of weeks as we take the show on the road: as of tomorrow it'll be coming from France, as I immerse myself in the local culture (trans: drink my weight in vin rouge). Might get messy. Expect pictures.


saudade said...

I swear I thought I read your blogging was going to be even more erotic. And then you wrote to expect pictures! Second reading: okay, you're not going all Last Tango in Paris on us. ;)

Have a great time!

Mark said...

Well, after it's been mangled by the Norn Iron accent, "erotic" does tend to sound exactly the same as "erratic". So you never know. France produces a full range of fine dairy butters.