Monday, August 11, 2008

...and boy, are my arms tired!

Just flown back in after a long weekend of record-setting debauchery on a stag weekend that the groom himself backed out of through sheer cowardice. So we all said "fu*k it anyway", and went ahead with our plans. But I'm fighting off exhaustion just long enough to link to this: Rachel Talalay is trying to regain the rights to TANK GIRL and make another film of it. Must admit, I laughed like an asthmatic cat when I saw that.

The only director I'd liked to have seen take a crack at a Tank Girl movie was Chuck friggin' Jones.

And Brendan McCarthy finally announces a new comic project, and it's one that makes plenty of sense for the none-more-Ditko maestro: a Spider-Man and Dr. Strange mini-series. Dude!