Monday, June 09, 2008

Sh!t I've came across tonight.

Old comrade of this blog, Brendon Connelly spills some beans from HELLBOY 2, including a soapy twist Mignola et al would never do in a million years in the comic.

Grant Morrison defends FINAL CRISIS #1 from the whinging fanboys. And his redefinition of the multiverse sounds simultaneously Ellisian and Moorcockian, which is some feat.

And I heard this in an episode of CHUCK tonight and can't get it out of my head.

Also: finally, a decent game of football. God bless those crazy Dutch.


sydelic said...

nice grant morrison interview there... nice to see him just being honest and saying DC messed up continuity..

yet again

btw what do you think of Final Crisis 1? thought it was ok myself although i'm starting to find a lot of DC comic art is really starting to look the same.

Mark said...

Well, I got an invoice today saying I'll be getting it in my next big box o' rap, so I'll tell you hopefully before the week's out.