Sunday, June 01, 2008

Seven songs for several bruthas.

I've been tagged by Sean with this meme: List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if theyre not any good, but they must be songs youre really enjoying now, shaping your spring. Post these instructions in your blog along with your 7 songs. Then tag 7 other people to see what theyre listening to. Oh goody. Another chance to show how age is withering my tastes in music. I'm telling you, give it a year or two and it'll be all Slim Whitman around here. A round-up of what's been on my iPod recently, what I've been scouring on YouTube, and a quick scan of the CDs piled up either side of my stereo, reveals these wonders.

1. Flight Of The Conchords - Cheer Up Murray. I've been listening to the complete BBC radio show audiobook on my iPod lately. And as much as I love Brian in the radio version, I love Murray in the TV version a little bit more. "They call you ginger balls, they just see ginger balls..."

2. Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Magnolia Mountain. It's summer in good ole Norn Iron, and what's better for long walks in the country than this sunny melancholy? F*ckin' nothing.

3. Grandpa Boy - Hot 'Un. I'm on a Paul Westerberg tip lately - usually High Time or Dirty Diesel on the iPod, but damned if I can see a decent version of either on YouTube, so here's an (uh) interesting video/cookery lesson.

4. Wings - Jet. Here's the first of two tracks that show how awful my life is, 'cus both are shaped by watching the semis of BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT last week. Firstly, watching a bunch of horsey toffs trotting through Live And Let Die on their fiddles left me with a hankering to listen to this yesterday morning. This tune remains a constant in my life, in so much that I must play it every time I get drunk at Jeff's (i.e. frequently).

5. Continuing the BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT theme, why do I love this so? I can't even begin to explain. This really tells me something about modern Britishness, but I can't really say what. What does the Union flag mean to me today as an Ulsterman in 2008? Ironic Sikhs staging a dance-off to Thriller, obviously.

6. Happy Mondays - Lazyitis. I had a real hankering to hear this again after doing the MOJO crossword puzzle last week. This is for the other Mr Wilson.

7. Back to my original theme: I'm still listening to this. God, I'm an old fart.

And I'm supposed to tag seven people to continue this meme?! They'll never do it, but here we go: Ammie, Trevor, Wild Wild Weston, Peej, Danny, Ig, Warwick: show us your funky stuff - it can't be any worse than this.

*update* So far, two takers: Desperate Dan McDaid (hadn't heard Bomb The Bass in years - brilliant!) and the Right Honourable Paul J Holden (who makes the point that those of us of a certain age already know - eventually, all you'll ever have time to listen to are the soundtracks to shows on Nick Junior - and damn, they're insidiously catchy).

*Double update!* Now with added Ammie, Trevor and WJC action!

*Triple update* And Chris "Charlton Heston put his" Weston!


sean witzke said...

You're not alone in loving "Jet". Freaking Wings.

Dan McDaid said...

Seconded - Jet is awesome.

Oh, and I will do this, as coincidentally I do have about seven songs I'm listening to a lot at the moment.

saudade said...

Three takers as of now! :)

I've never seen that Loretta Lynn bit. I grew up listening to her -- nothing can touch 'Fist City.' I'm at work and have no sound, but I'm checking it out as soon as I get home.

Hopefully it's not ruined by Jack White *ducks and runs away*.

Dan McDaid said...

Oh, and Murray is definitely better than Brian. I saw the telly show before I heard the radio show and though I loved the telly version, I didn't rate the radio version at all. The answer is: Rob Brydon. Also, I missed the cute stalker girl from the TV.

WJC said...

Jet would've be on my list too, it's been one track on the only mix tape in our car for the last year.
I've always been disappointed not to have a had a friend called Jeff as I've not had an opportunity to do that great gag.

Mark said...

I'm glad Jeff, uh, Jet is so popular. I was worried that my two-thumbs-up love for it revealed me as a complete nutter.