Sunday, June 08, 2008

Dark Horse solicitations, again.

Wherein I point and giggle at the covers of comics I may or not buy in the future.

Up first, more Mike Mignola/Kevin Nowlan goodness. Y'know, I was thinking about this the other day, and who's the next character I'd like to see get his own miniseries from the HELLBOY universe? Sir Edward Grey. He's been turning up more often lately (his first non-dead time on-panel in Ape Sapien's mini, then fleshed out nicely in the Hellboy Companion, and interviewing Hecate in the epilogue to DARKNESS CALLS) and I like 'im. He's a beardy Victorian arse-kicker of the first order.Next up: another in the series we'll call "Jo Chen's rather sexual reinterpretations of actors outta BUFFTY THE DRAGON SLAYER". This time, it's Michelle Trachtenbugler, or whaddevah she's called. I find this rather disturbing, as to me she'll always be jail bait, no matter what age she actually is. I'd check on IMDB only the feds are probably monitoring her page.

And I was going to show you the THE UMBRELLA FACTORY umbrella, but why bother? You all know what an umbrella looks like. Good god, y'all.


Dan McDaid said...

Re: Buffty actress - 23. Yeah, I checked. You're welcome.

PS. I have a sketch for you. Should be heading your way in the next few days. If'n you don't like it (and I'm not sure I do), I'll send ya another one.

Dan McDaid said...

Oh, and not that I care, but you know who should have played Sarah Connor in the Wossname Chronicles? This 'un:

She's the spit of Linda Hamilton, no?

Mark said...

Always liked Amber Benson, and yes, she's growing up to look like a younger (and let's face it, hotter) Linda Hamilton.

But then, Lena Headey's also about the best thing in TERMINATOR:SCC. Apart from her out of FIREFLY. It'll come to me in a minute. Oh aye. Summer Glau. She's hilarious. If I was writing it, I'd stipulate she must do all her lines in a thick Austrian accent. That'd make it even funnier.

And then there was that time Bubbles out of THE WIRE showed up. That was a laff.

Hold on, is it meant to be a comedy?

Mark said...

Oh, and cheers! I'll reserve judgement 'til I've seen it (I'm sure it'll be grand), and let's face it, beggars can't be choosers!

Dan McDaid said...

I haven't watched the Terminator series at all, which is weird cos when I was THAT SPECIAL AGE (eg, early teens) I thought the Terminator was the bollocks and a TV series would be manna from heaven. I've cooled on the franchise some since then (but the original film and T2 are still aces).

And yeah, I'm sure the picture is fine. I'm just being the archetypal art wuss.

Mark said...

TERMINATOR: SCC is a weird one, alright. My love for the first two movies drives me on to check everything in the franchise out, and there are moments when I'm watching it thinking, hey, this is alright. This is like THE TERMINATOR. And then, clang! The script drops into its own formulaic rut; or uses a hackneyed TV plot; or Sarah Connor makes yet another portentous soliloquy in voice-over; or it dips into STAR TREK or BATTLESTAR GALACTICA territory even. Terminators aren't Cylons, they aren't Mr Data!

But I still watched it all. Summer Glau parading around in her pants will do that to a man.