Sunday, June 08, 2008

Better late than never.

Not too proud to admit I missed this the first time round: when Bully went to some book fair, and a couple of titles were announced that're totally in our remit (including some preview shots of ones we've mentioned before). D'Oh!

Anyhoo, these are great. I was just thinking this morning, hey, when's that OMAC book going to turn up on my doorstop, and hey, I hope they do a THE DEMON omnibus next, 'cus there's plenty of gaps in my collection I'll never afford to/couldn't be arsed to track down. And then this turns up, like destiny or something. Or maybe I made it happen, with the power of my mind. Woah! Maybe I should think bigger.


Billy Newsprint said...

Plus they should keep going and do KAMANDI in that format, too. Those fancy ARCHIVE editions don't exactly give you much bang for your buck.