Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Assorted sh!te.

The best thing about Newsarama's redesign? My script blocker won't let me sign in and make a dick of myself on their messageboards. Hurrah!

Got the new Open house Festival 2008 booklet this morning. Hurrah! In case any of those dudes organising it are reading, though - fer f*ck's sake, sort out the chilli - it was way too salty last year. And good call booking Heavy Trash.

Oh, and more CAPTAIN BRITAIN & MI:13 preview pages. Hurrah! Plus, there's nothing like hearing a Gordon Brown impersonator reading the dialogue from CAP/MI:13 #1 aloud on the BBC news while you're eating your breakfast. Tastes like victory.


Dan McDaid said...

Those preview pages for CB/MI:13 look barmy and brilliant. I quite enjoyed ish one but this looks actually really good indeed. Also, I, er, find myself liking Pete "not John Constantine no sir" Wisdom. And that WASN'T supposed to happen.

Mark said...

I had a similar moment of epiphany during Cornell's WISDOM mini. Previously, the charater seemed a kinda rote Ellis cypher: smoking, cynical, etc. Jenny Sparks with a dick. I'll never love the character, but I now tolerate him.