Sunday, May 25, 2008

Take 'er for a rake.

In a moment of weakness, I actually bought the Sunday Times this morning, to read this interview: Sebastian Faulks discusses his new James Bond novel, DEVIL MAY CARE. I might just buy it on Wednesday. Or order it from work. Decisions, decisions.

Of course, as soon as I read anything else in the 'paper, I regretted paying for it immediately. Reactionary c*nts. I seem to buy a copy every couple of years just to remind myself why I hate it (usual answer: A.A. Gill).

And yeah, if you want to own a 1954 Bentley Continental, like Bond's in the book (the replacement for the pre-war one wrecked in MOONRAKER, if memory serves), it's yours for 80 grand.


Mark said...

Oooh, the picture's disappeared...

...because the car's been sold! F*ck, that was quick!