Saturday, May 24, 2008

Just the basic facts.

I found myself watching the Pink Floyd night on BBC4 last night, in its entirety. Enjoyed it, too. So here's a post inspired by that (and the fine-assed bottle of Shiraz/Voignier that went down so well with it): Dave Gilmour, Phil Manzera and Rick Wright revisit the lesser-spotted-but-lovely ATOM HEART MOTHER track Fat Old Sun. It's a lovely folky ballad that points to later work like Wish You Were Here, but make sure you keep listening to around the halfway point, where Gilmour swaps his acoustic for a Telecaster, and blasts off winningly.


Chris Weston said...

"Fat Old Sun" has always been one of my favourite Floyd tracks ever, and I was lucky enough to see him perform it live at The Albert Hall two years ago. It was the highlight of the evening and it brought a lump to my jaded old throat.